Asset Management


Cantium is a full-service operating company. We are prepared to acquire, operate, or provide customized solutions for producing assets along the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Maximizing Remaining Value


Operational execution according to regulations. Fit for purpose facility engineering and expenditure matched to reserves life to maximise cash return.


Scanning and recognition technology of all well files into interrogable database.  Cantium uses proprietary forward- and backward-looking production profile tool kit for fluid and pressure analysis fully flexible, from completion to full field.

Data  Analytics

Real time tracking and prediction of all phases and activities. Our proprietary software can be used to identify trends, prediction of financial and reservoir performance, isolation of outliers.


We utilize in house P&A crews to pull tubing and prepare wells for drill / workover rigs allowing us to minimize expensive rig time.


Sole source suppliers, allowing 3rd party to plan resources and reduce charges.  Cantium management have a deep understanding of the service company business model and profit drivers.

Delivering on your abandonment obligations


Identification of upside opportunities, removing well from idle iron list.


Multi year plan integrated with reserves profiles timing for no further utility. Actual P&A would be phased as infrastructure elements reach end of life


Proactive communication with BSEE, allowing work plan optimization and minimizing financial assurance requirement. Delivering the BSEE agreed plan.

Batch Operation

Abandonment of groups of wells, allowing resource efficiency and significantly reduce unit costs.

Dedicated Team

In house team of leading GoM experts with agreed long term rates from service suppliers and vendors.

Additional Functionality
  • Provide legal team to acquire interest (portion or total) in operated, producing assets
  • Contract operate producing properties
  • Quickly and efficiently setup and establish operations
  • Provide operational, drilling, completions, reservoir engineering, geological, legal, and administrative expertise
  • Provide financial and reporting capabilities, leveraging a detailed understanding of banking and equity partner reporting requirements