Exploration and Development

Experience and Expertise

Cantium is focused on short cycle, infrastructure led projects with a high chance of success. Cantium has consistently delivered high returns on investment across all its Gulf of Mexico assets.

Since Cantium was founded in 2017 Cantium has produced approx. 37 NET  MMBOE. Through highly successful development drilling programs Cantium has successfully increased its proved reserves base by over 92% with consistent year on year growth. Cantium’s successful drilling programs have resulted in a 255% reserves replacement ratio.

Cantium invests in its people and technology; seamlessly integrating geological, geophysical and engineering data to identify new growth opportunities . Cantium uses advanced seismic interpretation techniques and data analytics to identify new opportunities.

Cantium’s Exploration and Development teams have deep industry experience within Gulf of Mexico and major basins around the globe.

Bay Marchand


Bay Marchand Field

The Bay Marchand field is the second largest oil field in the Gulf of Mexico. The field sits on top of a large Salt Dome which provides a wide variety of hydrocarbon play types.

The Bay Marchand field is truly a world class asset with over 2.2 Billion Barrels of Oil estimated originally in place with over 875 Million BOE produced to date

The Bay Marchand field has over 50 identified sands and 690 individual mapped reservoirs providing a significant amount of development opportunities.

In 2020 Cantium completed a field wide seismic reprocessing project that has significantly improved the image of the subsurface. The results of this have helped shape both exploration and development drilling opportunities for years to come.

Main Pass


Main Pass Fields

Cantium’s Main Pass assets include Main Pass 30, MP 41, MP 144, MP 299 and MP 313 fields.

The Main pass fields have a broad mixture of hydrocarbon traps resulting from reservoir deposition around the associated salt diapirs.

With over 130 identified sands and 670 individual reservoirs mapped, the Main Pass fields have produced over 500 Million BOE to date.

In 2021 Cantium completed a multi field wide seismic reprocessing project over MP 299, MP 144 and MP 313. This new data set significantly improved the image of the subsurface.

Reprocessing results has de-risked the current opportunity  portfolio as well as shaping new multi year exploration and development drilling programs across Main Pass.

Kings Hill Salt Dome


Cantium’s Exploration team is focused on delivering high growth infrastructure led opportunities leveraging deep subsurface understanding from its existing producing fields. Exploration success is followed by rapid first production to existing facilities and pipelines.

Cantium continues to mature its prospect portfolio while growing its lease position to test new and emerging plays. Cantium’s exploration team is backed by a world class drilling department, drilling safely operated wells beyond 20,000 ft.

Seismic Nodal Acquisition to commence in Q3 2024 to image shallow reserves area of Bay Marchand with potential to image 18 MMBOE.