Environmental, Safety, Governance


Cantium holds safety and the environment as its two most important priorities. Safety is our first priority as the well-being of our employees and contractors is paramount to all of our activities. We live in south Louisiana and are very protective of the environment as it impacts us in all aspects of our work and life. Cantium works proactively with all regulatory entities to ensure safety and the environment are protected and highlighted. We score significantly higher than industry norms on our safety and environmental metrics.

Cantium values its employees, contractors, suppliers and community. We are an important and active member of both the Covington and offshore communities. We are respectful of our role as an important employer in the area and the responsibility to act appropriately. We have established a Supplier Business Code of Conduct which provides guidance to our vendors as to our commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace and conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner.

York Capital, our lead investor, has been very supportive of our approach to the business. They absolutely recognize the importance of Safety and Environmental consciousness in our business. York is in agreement with our approach of transparency with our employees and other stakeholders. We have excellent alignment of interest between owners, employees, regulatory entities and the community and will strive to maintain this alignment.